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Finest Worksong

HR Latte: Chip Luman – Digital Disruption at HireVue –

By On June 18, 2016

Originally posted at – Chip Luman, COO of HireVue, shares what’s going on at HireVue and their expectations for HireVue in 2016 – Digital Disruption at HireVue HR Latte, episode 88… Read More

Finest Worksong

The Job Interview: What Companies Can Do to Achieve Better Results [podcast]

By On January 6, 2016

Great Work Insights podcast. Todd Nordstrom and Chip Luman discuss how to view people as more than their resume when hiring.   Originally posted at OC Tanner aMAGAZINE In this session of… Read More

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Chip Luman: LIVE at HR Tech – Dovetail Software

By On December 28, 2015

Originally posted at Dovetail Software – We welcomed Chip Luman to our remote intrepidHR studio at the Dovetail booth in the Expo Hall at HR Tech to talk about Digital Communication to Assist… Read More

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Buckets Of Bad Advice: How Not To Manage People – Forbes

By On August 22, 2015

Originally posted at Forbes: It was just a simple hunch, a stinging question, and a quick conversation. Last week, we posted an article titled The Worst Bosses Might Actually Be Good For… Read More

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How Interviews and Applicant Tracking Systems Are Changing

By On February 21, 2015

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter speaks with Chip Luman, COO and co-founder of HireVue about the next wave of technology for employers to evaluate your credentials. Originally posted on Job Search… Read More

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HR Technology Q & A with Chip Luman |

By On October 6, 2014

Originally posted October 6, 2014 HR Technology Q & A with Chip Luman | With the HR Technology Conference (#HRTechConf) just around the corner, we’re inviting our Next Official Bloggers to offer their perspective on… Read More

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The CYA Report E69: What If You Could Interview Every Applicant? [PODCAST] – Fistful of Talent

By On October 3, 2014

Originally posted October 2, 2014 at The CYA Report E69: What If You Could Interview Every Applicant? [PODCAST] – Fistful of Talent. Listen to Mark Newman and me talk about how HireVue… Read More

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¡Punktrepreneur! 4 Punk Tenets For Leaders

By On May 28, 2014

I listed the ideas and adjectives describing the philosophies and passions that shape how I approach life and work. John Keats summed it up pretty well, “Give me books, French wine (beer… Read More

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3 Consistent Themes from the 2014 Pulse Conference

By On May 15, 2014

I was invited to speak at Gainsight’s 2014 Pulse conference on the role of customer success for HR software. After 2 days it was clear why this has become the preeminent gathering… Read More

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The Video Craze! Digital Interviewing podcast on Talent Talk Tuesday

By On May 6, 2014

Originally posted May 6, 2014 at The Video Craze! Digital Interviewing with Chip Luman, COO of HireVue 05/06 by Talent Talk Tuesday | Technology Podcasts. I had a great conversation on Talent… Read More

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Why HR Needs to Advocate for Change

By On April 15, 2014

Originally posted April 15th, 2014 at SHRM WeKnowNext Why HR Needs to Advocate for Change | The world is constantly bombarded with the emergence of new tools and technologies that change the… Read More

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Five Mobile Tools to Enhance Productivity |

By On March 18, 2014

Originally posted at Five Mobile Tools to Enhance Productivity | The last few years have seen the creation of an enormous amount of mobile applications designed to transform the way work is done.… Read More

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Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR 03/17

By On March 17, 2014

Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR 03/17 by DriveThru HR | Social Networking Podcasts. Find Additional Social Networking Podcasts with DriveThru HR on BlogTalkRadio Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR @bryanwempen @williamtincup… Read More

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Cool Tools – How to Ditch Your Laptop & Live in the Cloud

By On February 14, 2014

New Social Networking Podcasts with TalentNet CoolTools Radio Chat on BlogTalkRadio Lars Schmidt and Craig Fisher recently recorded a podcast for the Cool Tools show with guest Chip Luman from Hirevue about… Read More

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A Look Back At 2013 And Predictions For The Year Ahead

By On January 6, 2014

Originally posted January 6, 2014 A Look Back at 2013 and Predictions for the Year Ahead | As many companies are still in the midst of their planning for 2014, there are… Read More

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Helping Remote Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance

By On November 26, 2013

Originally posted November 26, 2013 Helping Remote Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance | To say that today’s employees and job candidates value a company that can provide a strong work-life balance is an… Read More

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HR’S Role In Developing A Positive Corporate Culture

By On October 30, 2013

Originally posted October 30, 2013 HR’s Role in Developing a Positive Corporate Culture | For any employee, their job involves much more than just completing their responsibilities and getting paid for it;… Read More

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HR Technology Implementation: The Path To Success

By On August 26, 2013

Originally posted August 26, 2013 HR Technology Implementation: The Path to Success | The multitude of new HR systems and solutions currently on the market all promise to bring greater efficiencies to… Read More

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HRExaminer Radio: Chip Luman & Ben Martinez

By On August 23, 2013

Discover Business Internet Radio with HRExaminer Radio on BlogTalkRadio Chip Luman is the Chief Operating Officer at HireVue where he leverages more than 20 years of human resources, general management and operations… Read More

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Aligning Employer Branding With Business Strategy

By On August 1, 2013

Originally posted August 1, 2013 Aligning Employer Branding with Business Strategy | We all know the importance of employer branding in talent acquisition – it has become one of those buzzwords in… Read More