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HR Latte: Chip Luman – Digital Disruption at HireVue –

By On June 18, 2016

Originally posted at – Chip Luman, COO of HireVue, shares what’s going on at HireVue and their expectations for HireVue in 2016 – Digital Disruption at HireVue HR Latte, episode 88… Read More

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The Job Interview: What Companies Can Do to Achieve Better Results [podcast]

By On January 6, 2016

Great Work Insights podcast. Todd Nordstrom and Chip Luman discuss how to view people as more than their resume when hiring.   Originally posted at OC Tanner aMAGAZINE In this session of… Read More

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Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR 03/17

By On March 17, 2014

Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR 03/17 by DriveThru HR | Social Networking Podcasts. Find Additional Social Networking Podcasts with DriveThru HR on BlogTalkRadio Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR @bryanwempen @williamtincup… Read More

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Helping Remote Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance

By On November 26, 2013

Originally posted November 26, 2013 Helping Remote Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance | To say that today’s employees and job candidates value a company that can provide a strong work-life balance is an… Read More

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HR’S Role In Developing A Positive Corporate Culture

By On October 30, 2013

Originally posted October 30, 2013 HR’s Role in Developing a Positive Corporate Culture | For any employee, their job involves much more than just completing their responsibilities and getting paid for it;… Read More

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HRExaminer Radio: Chip Luman & Ben Martinez

By On August 23, 2013

Discover Business Internet Radio with HRExaminer Radio on BlogTalkRadio Chip Luman is the Chief Operating Officer at HireVue where he leverages more than 20 years of human resources, general management and operations… Read More

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Aligning Employer Branding With Business Strategy

By On August 1, 2013

Originally posted August 1, 2013 Aligning Employer Branding with Business Strategy | We all know the importance of employer branding in talent acquisition – it has become one of those buzzwords in… Read More

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Expanding Your Horizons Beyond HR

By On June 27, 2013

Originally posted June 27, 2013 Expanding Your Horizons Beyond HR | Though not always apparent to the rest of the company, the job of the HR professional is a multi-faceted one.  As… Read More

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Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR 04/25

By On April 25, 2013

Originally posted April 25, 2013 Chip Luman at Lunch with DriveThruHR 04/25 by DriveThru HR | Social Networking Podcasts. New Social Networking Internet Radio with DriveThru HR on BlogTalkRadio 04/25/2013 – Chip Luman… Read More

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HR Stuck in Pilot Mode

By On April 23, 2013

Originally posted April 23, 2013 HR Stuck in Pilot Mode | This should come as no surprise, but the HR department is crucial to the operations of any business. Identifying and… Read More

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Managing HR In The Age Of Acronyms

By On April 11, 2013

Originally posted April 11, 2013 Managing HR in the Age of Acronyms | For HR professionals, ensuring their company maintains compliance with all regulatory requirements is a key aspect of the job… Read More

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Article: Blogosphere: Want to advocate for HR? Better find something to say — People Matters

By On March 8, 2013

Originally posted at People Matters Develop a firm understanding of the business and the company and demonstrate it in your actions to make people listen to you As a young HR manager… Read More

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Reimagining HR: Why We Must Think Differently In 2013

By On February 7, 2013

Originally posted February 7, 2013 Reimagining HR: Why We Must Think Differently in 2013 | When interviewing candidates for a new Head of HR position at HireVue, I had a simple question… Read More

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HR In 2013: What We Can Eexpect

By On December 20, 2012

Originally posted December 20, 2012 HR in 2013: What We Can Expect | One of the most exciting things about working in HR is that the field is always changing, constantly bringing… Read More

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Want To Advocate For HR? Better Find Something To Say

By On December 4, 2012

Originally posted December 4, 2012 Want to Advocate for HR? Better Find Something to Say | As a young HR manager striving to gain influence with my line clients I made the… Read More

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Trying To Please Everyone: The Challenge Of The Multigenerational Workforce

By On October 22, 2012

Originally posted October 22, 2012 Trying to Please Everyone: The Challenge of the Multigenerational Workforce | As new college graduates continue to inundate the job market and economic concerns have caused older… Read More

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Mind The Gap – Polarization In The Global Labor Market

By On July 5, 2012

Originally posted July 5, 2012 Mind the Gap – polarization in the global labor market | Globally, companies are struggling to find talent in a market saturated with applicants. For most… Read More

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Performance Management In The Age Of Transparency

By On April 25, 2012

Originally posted April 25, 2012 Performance Management in the age of transparency | What have you done for me lately? It’s a vital question for both manager and employee. The answer is… Read More

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HR Hoarders

By On March 28, 2012

Originally posted March 28, 2012 HR Hoarders | I have recently been on the road at conferences and client visits and I have observed a recurring theme: there are a lot… Read More